Have you ever wanted to learn to sing or get to the next level in your singing?
Ann can help with Estill Voice training.

What will I learn?

• Basic anatomy of your vocal instrument
• How to monitor and control the different structures that create and change vocal quality
• Many different ways to improve your vocal technique and ‘support’ the tone
• What is safe, healthy singing and how to avoid vocal trauma
• How to increase your range, strength and stamina when singing
• How to change your technique to sing appropriately for different styles including opera, pop, music theatre and jazz

Five Top Reasons to be trained by Ann:

1. Learn EVERY STYLE of singing including Pop, Jazz, Classical and Opera, and Musical Theatre.
2. Never too late to Start! If you have a Passion to sing, Ann will give you that fulfillment!
3. Find your hidden talent. Ann has the ability to build voices from scratch using the incomparable Estill Techniques.
4. Help to heal damaged voices and hear them become skilled and competent instruments.


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