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Ann Sparks
Ann has been teaching singing for 25 years, and for the past 22 years has been studying and consequently teaching the Estill Method, having been trained by Helen Tiller. Ann studied Singing Performance at the Conservatorium in Hobart, Tasmania, and has performed in many Operas, Oratorios and Musical Theatre Productions.
During her time at the Conservatorium Ann was diagnosed with developing vocal nodules due to teaching which relied solely on analogies, (e.g. sing through a hole in your forehead!!) with no understanding of the physiological processes of singing. This led Ann to pursue a more precise way of truly learning how to control her vocal mechanism, not hit and miss, which was all she felt she had learned from her previous teachers.
Within weeks of attending her first vocal workshop Ann’s singing technique had improved so much the nodules vanished.
Ann became a Certified Course Instructor in April 2010. Ann teaches every style of singing including Classical, Jazz, Pop and Theatre Music. Her students range from aged 6 to 65 years! Ann believes that if people have a heart to sing, they should have the opportunity to learn and to become the best they can be. Many of Ann’s past and present students have made careers in singing using the incomparable Estill Techniques, and Ann has found it so exciting to be able to build voices from scratch and in some cases help to remediate damaged voices and hear them become skilled and competent instruments.
Ann Sparks
41 Water Gum St
Queensland 4221
phone 07 5522 5838
Mobile 0414 273 166

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